Paleo Mug Muffins 2 - 20 more fast recipes for all your muffin cravings

20 paleo-friendly recipes for all different kinds of mug cakes. From bread to cake to apple crisp! All recipes are grain-free, and many are nut-free, egg-free, low-carb, or coconut-free!

Want a delicious paleo-friendly treat but don't want to go to all the trouble to make it? That's where this ebook comes in! Paleo Mug Muffins 2 contains 20 recipes for everything from grain-free bread to single-serve apple crisp to a homemade lemon muffin and much more! All the recipes are grain-free, and many are nut-free, low-carb, egg-free, or coconut-free. Learn more at

About the author: Heather Resler is a teenage celiac chef and paleo blogger She is passionate about bringing people the best in taste and nutrition with all the recipes she creates.

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All profits from the sale of this ebook go to this GoFundMe campaign:

Mark McClanahan lost over 150 pounds through diet and exercise, without the aid of bariatric surgery or any other medical intervention. As exciting an accomplishment as this is, excess skin left from the weight loss is still impeding his freedom and impacting his quality of life. Unfortunately, insurance has denied coverage for the surgery, despite more than one doctor submitting it as medically necessary.  

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